I'm the kind of person who skips to the conversation when reading a book.

“Come and See”

My mother grew up on a street named Magnolia Street. The trees that lined it gave it its name. Because of that, even though we never had a magnolia tree of our own, my mother has always had a soft spot for the beautiful flowering tree.

When I was walking the dog the other day, I saw one, still bright with flower, although the lawn looked like it was preparing for a bride, strewn with glorious white and pink petals.  I took a picture to show my mother.


She looked at it a little disinterestedly, so I flipped through to find another picture that I thought she might enjoy.  I landed on one and held my iPod for her to see.

She smiled, then chuckled, then full-on laughed.  My father came around the corner at that moment, and I could tell he was delighted to see her happy.

“What you smiling about?” he asked.

She couldn’t stop laughing. “Come and see,” she said between chuckles.

He made his way slowly around the table to where she was sitting, eyes glued to the little screen, body shaking with laughter.  He peered over her shoulder at the picture on the device.  This is what he saw.

rock pile with heart

It was a pile of rocks in the stream.  A local man has been building these art forms since spring began.  This was one of his biggest and best.

Some thing about it touched my mother’s heart and tickled her funny bone. It was nice to see her smile and hear her laugh.

Her “Come and see”  made me think of Philip’s words to Nathanael in John 1.

“We have found him,” Philip said.

Nathanael was skeptical. “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” he scoffed.

“Come and see,” Philip said.

God delights us in unexpected ways:  a pile of rocks that bring unexpected mirth and a Savior from an unexpected place.


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