I'm the kind of person who skips to the conversation when reading a book.

Words, Wisdom, and a New Way of Looking at a Familiar Thing

Today Daily Prompt asks us to:  Give some love to three blog posts you’ve read and loved in the past week, and tell us why they’re worth reading. 

The internet gives opportunity to many great people  to write and be read.  I love going to my reader and typing in random search words, hoping to find some great talent or a like-minded person.

Yesterday, hmm, I’m trying to remember the random search terms I used.  I suppose they’re not so random.  They are things that interest me.

Like Hutchmoot.  I often search “Hutchmoot.”  Hutchmoot is a tiny little conference that takes place in Nashville every fall.  The space is limited to 100 or so people.  Here’s the sad news, though:  nobody posts anything about Hutchmoot — yet.  Come October, there will be a number of posts about Hutchmoot.  My reader could be filled with Hutchmoot posts, and then, within a month’s time, that whole thread goes dormant for another year.  But one can always hope.  Hence, I search Hutchmoot.  Nobody posted anything about it yesterday.

Yesterday I also searched “Cannery Row” and “John Steinbeck” largely because I had just posted on that topic myself.  There are a bunch of great posts that I found, but my favorite was one called “Jaded:  a word for our times.”  I’m a sucker for words — what can I say?  I’ll bet I could win a competition for owning the most pocket dictionaries — I’m talking about the print ones, from the days before electronics.  The blogger, David Bristow, took two of my favorite authors (Kathleen Norris and John Steinbeck), quoted them (I’m a sucker for quotes, too), and educated me about the meaning of the word jaded.  I loved the post.

I also searched “faith” which is one of my standard searches.  There are a lot of people posting about faith, and I’ll often pick four or five from my reader to visit.  Faith is such a broad term, and sometimes, I end up reading about Buddhism or even atheism.  I find, though, that my faith grows when my thinking is challenged.  By reading disparate writers, and then pondering what they have to say, I am stimulated to grow in my own faith.  Yesterday I read a post by New England Pastor called “A Holiday at the Sea.”  He started off with a quote from C. S. Lewis.  I’m a sucker for quotes, remember?  He had me from the start.  (Sounds like a Kenny Chesney song — “You had me from the quote…”)  Yes, he started with a quote that I am still pondering — and the rest of the post contained a lot of wisdom.  Check it out.

Lastly, I searched “Alzheimer’s”.  I don’t search this every day.  Some days it’s just too sad. Yesterday, however, I found a beautiful post that was a re-write of the 23rd Psalm.  “Psalm 23 For Those With Memory Loss” is a beautiful rewording of a familiar psalm. “You help me recall the green pastures and the quiet waters…”  Yes, I spend a lot of time trying to spark my mother’s memory, to drag her out of the flatness she exudes. “You celebrate my life, even in the presence of my enemies, old age and forgetfulness.”  It is a beautifully written poem.

Today?  I’m not sure what I’ll search.  Maybe “Lewis and Clark” — Hannah just finished a book about them. Or, maybe, “Gardening” — ours in underway.  Whatever I search, I’m sure I will find some fascinating people out there.



8 comments on “Words, Wisdom, and a New Way of Looking at a Familiar Thing

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  4. thescarletredishrack
    April 11, 2013

    I can relate to searching by keywords..or even concepts, both the unusual and familiar and always excited about the numerous possibilities

    • sarahlangdon
      April 12, 2013

      Sometimes I marvel at the world that has been opened up to us by being able to search so easily. Twenty years ago there was no Google. Imagine that!

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  6. thecuriouspeople
    April 11, 2013

    Thanks for the link and for the kind words about the “Jaded” post!

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