I'm the kind of person who skips to the conversation when reading a book.

Valentine’s Lights

Valentine lights“Wan’ see Kissus lights,” the little voice spoke with great determination.

With equal determination, his mother answered. “Alex.  There are no Christmas lights right now.  This is Valentine’s stuff.”  She was staccato, curt, exasperated.

Alex was determined, though.  From his shopping cart seat in the Target store, he raised his volume, and tried to speak very clearly. “WAN. SEE. KISSUS. LIGHTS.”

I laughed to myself.  I had happened upon this conversation while shopping for my own Valentine supplies.  Here was this adorable little guy, probably not quite two years old, struggling to communicate, and his mother was struggling right back at him.

“Alex, you’re driving me crazy.  There are no Christmas lights!”  She turned her back to him and began studying the bags of candy and the prices.  An older gentleman offered to push Alex around.

“That would be great, Dad,” she said, sounding relieved.

“Wan’ see Kissus lights,” Alex said again, this time to his grandfather.

In a conspiratorial whisper, the old man leaned down to Alex and said, “Let’s go see if we can find some pretty lights.”

I laughed again.  This was a lesson that had taken me many years to learn. Meet someone where they are and travel with them.

Alex was not going to give up on the Christmas lights idea, and his mother refused to give up on correcting him.  It took grandfather to soothe the beast by going on a quest for “Kissus lights.”

The fun is in the journey, or, for a little boy, in the hunt.


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