I'm the kind of person who skips to the conversation when reading a book.

Kenny Chesney

“Did you get my note?”  Hannah asked me this morning. “The one about the Kenny Chesney poster?”

Indeed I had.  The other night when I had gone to bed, this note was on my pillow.


“It has to be life-size,” she said.

“Really?” I confess that I was astounded at this conversation. “Why do you need a Kenny Chesney poster?”

“Because I really like his music,” she explained, with a bit of ‘duh, Mom’ in her voice.

I went through a Kenny Chesney phase years ago.  The only song I could think of at the moment was “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy.”  Do I really want my 9 year old singing a song like that?

“When do you listen to Kenny Chesney?” I asked her.  In the kitchen, it’s almost always Dvorak, Mozart, or Broadway shows that are playing.  (Kind of an odd assortment, I know.)

“On Finley’s Pandora,” she explained. And I thought Finley was a Coldplay kind of guy.

I could tell she was getting a little exasperated at the conversation.  After all, all she wanted was a poster, a life-size poster, of a man.

“Tell me again why you like him?” I queried.

“I just like his music. It makes me want to sway and dance,” she explained.

Sway and dance? I thought.  Maybe I need to add a little Tchaikovsky to my line-up.  But could Swan Lake really compete with Kenny Chesney?

“Don’t hold your breath on this,” I told her.

I hope that’s the end of it.


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