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The Manatee Park


Yesterday was a beautiful day in southwest Florida, the perfect day to kayak with some manatee.

Manatee park 1-2-13 005I got to share a kayak with Finley which worked quite well because he is young and strong, and I am old and not.  We followed the advice of the man at the rental place;  we kayaked into a little cove, took our paddles out of the water, and just sat there.

It was so quiet.  I love quiet.

After a few minutes, we heard a snort and a breath.  I turned and saw a manatee off to my left.  Then, we heard another breath to the right. It was another manatee, perhaps a mother with her young, because almost immediately a smaller manatee surfaced to breathe next to her.

We sat there for the longest time, surrounded by manatees.  I love quiet, but I also loved hearing the manatees breathe.

When we got back to the park and dry land, it was quite crowded.  I love to eavesdrop on people. People say the funniest things.

Like, “Wow!  What a beautiful camera!”  

This came from a group of elderly ladies.  They were admiring some big, honkin’, SLR-type affair that must have weighed 10 pounds.  It was obviously the prized possession of one of these grand dames.   What struck me funny was the surroundings — blue skies overhead and reflected in the water, saw palmetto, butterflies, geckos, manatees, shore birds, etc — and they were admiring a chunk of technology.

Also overheard, “Look, Mom!  A playground!”  There was indeed a nice little playground at the park, but this was said by a little boy pointing at some wood chips surrounding an instructive sign along the path.  In his little boy mind, wood chips equaled playground.

Shortly behind that family came a mom struggling to push an empty stroller while carrying a baby and holding a little boy’s hand.  The boy was looking up at his mother, begging, “Please, Mom, can’t I carry her?”

The exasperated mom sighed and said, “No, you’re not big enough.”

“Pleeeeeease,” he cried plaintively.

I laughed and felt sorry for her at the same time.

Manatee park 1-2-13 016

We had a marvelous time at the manatee park.  

The best thing I heard, though, was the manatee breathing.


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