I'm the kind of person who skips to the conversation when reading a book.

Of Wind and Turtles

Conversations at the beach sound something like this:


“What did you say?”

“I can’t hear you very well…”

I’d like to blame it on the wind, and the crashing surf, and the seagulls and bitterns and skimmers.  In all likelihood, it has more to do with my hearing slipping away.  Like sands through the hourglass, so is the hearing in my ears.

gopher tortoiseAs we drove to the beach yesterday, we saw numerous signs alerting us to Gopher Tortoises.  Not that we needed to worry about an attack or anything, but that we needed to be mindful of their presence and not harm them.

In fact, after we had set up camp and begun our various tasks of sunbathing or castle-building or shelling, someone looked over toward the dune behind us and saw a gopher tortoise.  After observing him for a few minutes, everyone went back to the other activities.  Turtles are cool, but they aren’t the most action-packed creature to watch.

I took a walk, and when I returned, it was gone.

“Where did the turtle go?”  I asked, but quickly corrected myself. “I mean, tortoise.”

“No, it didn’t go toward us,” Brandon answered with a smile.

“What?”  I said. “What did you say?”  Blame it on the wind, or surf, or bird, or declining hearing.

“You know, toward us, tortoise,” he said, explaining his little play on words.

I hate it when a joke has to be explained.

Blame it on the wind.


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